Our commitment to environmental and sustainable development.

GSP is focused on ensuring our development schemes achieve environmental and sustainable criteria that will lead to a reduction in waste and carbon emissions throughout the functional life of our building and that materials selected will be recyclable wherever possible.

During the design and pre-construction phases energy reducing measures such as heat recovery to ventilation plant, high performance glazing and fabric U-values are set. These measures are, where possible, combined with other key considerations such as CHP, Photo Voltaic Cells, harvested water and grassed roofs with the dual purpose of improving living / working conditions and protecting our environment.

Our responsibility to our future continues into the operational phase, whereby we monitor our buildings and continually strive to reduce adverse effects on our environment. Recycling materials and using renewable energy sources are all targeted to reduce our carbon emissions.

We are committed to continue to strive for a better approach to energy efficiency and sustainable property development.